Send letters via OneDrive – fast and easy

Are you looking for a solution to send letters directly from Office 365 / OneDrive?

With Pingen's Office 365 / OneDrive integration, you can send your documents as postal mail directly via OneDrive. Your documents are automatically printed and delivered worldwide by post.

Send letters via OneDrive

Send letters via OneDrive – this is how it works

Letters can be sent from Office 365 and OneDrive in just four steps. It's as simple as this:


Pingen’s integration creates a folder in your OneDrive.


Simply save all the PDF documents you want to send in this Pingen folder in OneDrive.


Pingen processes the PDFs stored in the folder and dispatches them within a few seconds.


The documents are then printed in large international print facilities and delivered as postal letter.

Pingen folder will be created Upload PDFs Automatically submit OneDrive Reliable delivery Automatic packaging Professional printing Reliable delivery Automatic packaging Professional printing


Letter tracking

Track letters step by step

Send letters via OneDrive and track them in real time with Pingen's detailed letter tracking.

All documents processed via OneDrive can be transparently managed in Pingen and tracked from transfer to delivery to the post.

Sign up – Connect – Send

Sign up


Step 1: Sign up

Register a free account on Pingen.



Step 2: Connect

Connect Pingen to OneDrive with just a few clicks.

Send letters


Step 3: Send letters

Send your first letters easily and quickly via OneDrive.

What is Pingen?

Pingen's Online Postal Service specialises in the digitalisation of all types of business mail. Thanks to automated processes, you save time and money when sending letters!

Feature overview
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International letter mailing

International letter mailing

Through its international printing and mailing network, Pingen sends letters worldwide by local post or DHL.

No minimum quantities

No minimum quantities

Pingen's online letter mail service is suitable for all types of business mail as there are no minimum quantities.

Efficient returns processing

Efficient returns processing

Undeliverable letters are digitally processed and destroyed unread. You receive all information by email.

Detailed letter tracking

Detailed letter tracking

With the letter tracking feature, every processing step can be tracked from transfer to handover to the post.

Individualise letter mailing even further

In addition to sending letters via OneDrive, Pingen offers many integrations for automated letter sending. For example, letters can also be sent via the following tools:

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