Create mail merge letters and send them directly by post

The free Mail-Merge-Letter-Generator is the fastest and easiest way to create mail merge letters.

Thanks to the integration with Pingen, mail merge letters can be sent by postal mail with just one click. The mail merge letters are automatically printed and reliably delivered via post.

Connect the Mail Merge Letter Generator with Pingen

How to use the Mail-Merge-Letter-Generator with Pingen?

The Pingen integration of the Mail-Merge-Letter-Generator enables you to send your letters via postal mail in just 5 steps:

Step 1

Create your mail merge letter using the Mail Merge Letter Generator.

Create mail merge letter

Step 2

Register a free account with Pingen or log in to your existing Pingen account.

Create Pingen account

Step 3

In the last step of the Mail-Merge-Letter-Generator, select the button "Connect to Pingen" and grant access to your Pingen account in the following screen.

Connect Mail Merge Letter Generator with Pingen

Step 4

Click on the button "Transfer to Pingen" in the Mail-Merge-Letter-Generator, to transfer the mail merge letter to Pingen.

Transfer letters

Step 5

Now switch to the Pingen App, open "Batches" in the main navigation and send the batch with your mail merge letters.

After sending the batch, you can track the processing of your mail merge letters in real time. In addition, you also receive comprehensive statistics on the shipping quality and costs as well as on the destination countries of your mailing. This way you never lose track of your letters.

Track mail merge letter online

Why connect the Mail Merge Letter Generator with Pingen?

Pingen is an online mailing solution that reduces your efforts to a minimum when sending postal mailings. With Pingen, your business mail is sent online and automatically delivered worldwide by post.

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Integrierte Sendungsverfolgung

Integrated Tracking

The detailed tracking feature tells you whether a letter is still awaiting dispatch, is at the print facility or has already been handed to the post.

Automatic Return-Mail Handling

Automatic Return-Mail Handling

Returns are automatically marked as undeliverable in Pingen. This allows you to improve your address data for future maillings.

International shipping network

International shipping network

Pingen has an international print & delivery network. Your letters are printed as close as possible to the recipient and delivered by local post or DHL.

Competitive Volume Discounts

Competitive Volume Discounts

Do you have a monthly mailing volume of more than 5000 letters? Then you can benefit from individual prices and volume discounts!

Connect Pingen with other Services

Next to the Mail-Merge-Letter-Generator, Pingen can also be connected to other services. This way, you can integrate postal letters directly into your workflows and have more time for the important things.

Send mail merge letters directly as postal mail

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